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Our job is to navigate the Articulation Waters for you, from every perspective


Your Unique Internal Training or courses / programs


Assessed by Academic Institutions, with the guidance of nfpgrowers


Counted as college credit

The bottom line? nfpgrowers partners with accredited universities and colleges to evaluate your organization’s training, and articulate it toward college credit


Partnering with a strategically aligned organization or corporation


Able to count corporate training as college credit for their institution


Faster degree completion

The bottom line? Students gain more credit toward their degree, leading to possible increases in degree completion and graduation rates (and happy universities)


Earning credit toward their college degree from workplace training


Adding credits earned and decreasing time to degree completion


More credit all the way around

The bottom line? Employees are more motivated to complete internal workplace training, because it also counts toward their degree. Employees also get the bonus of taking one set of training that essentially counts 2x

…What’s in it for you? Your internal training and programs count for more, which creates additional opportunities for your employees to earn credits at accredited academic institutions…not to mention, helps your organization to foster a more highly educated workforce.