Process & Systems

Implementing Systems to Support Your Team & Mission

Know it’s time to put systems in place (or high time to revise or rethink some existing processes)? nfpgrowers thrives in this area.

After learning about your organization’s vision and what you’re seeking to accomplish, we can help you develop the proper road map to get there. From hiring and on-boarding, to implementing a client relationship management system, to developing a process for tracking fundraising efforts, we can lead the way (and then hand the ropes over to you to carry on). No matter how small or how large the task at hand, we can develop a consistent system or procedure around it. On the flip side, perhaps your non-profit organization just needs a little realignment to stay in harmony with your mission. No problem; we’ll work with you on getting back into balance. Sometimes, collaborating with a team who views your organization through a fresh lens is the key to growing and evolving your systems.