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Kathy Hurd

Kathy has a lifetime of experience managing sales and service teams, developing training and procedures. This includes experience in learning and development, higher education, training and licensing, not for profit and real estate. Kathy has led teams as small as 15 employees with revenue responsibility as high as $10,000,000 with a year-over-year growth goal attainment of 20%. Her greatest career accomplishments have come while managing inside sales teams and call centers as her teams have consistently surpassed quota for revenue growth, new account acquisition, and activity related metrics year after year. Having built teams from the ground up, fixed failing teams, and taken performing teams to the next level, she brings a solid track record of success to those who make a living on the phone. Kathy’s extensive experience with various CRM’s makes her uniquely qualified to develop procedures and standards to be used and adopted by the sales teams. From hiring to training, systems implementation to reporting, goal setting to metric and activity models, Kathy is the consummate professional and a leader in her profession. She has worked closely with every department within the corporate, higher education, and not for profit sectors. By developing relationships and crossover processes with operations, marketing, legal, sales, and the “C-suite”, Kathy is able to align call center goals with organizational objectives. Kathy’s leadership style results in a workplace that is competitive, rewarding, jubilant and founded in a culture of accomplishment and integrity.

Robert Trombetta

Robert is a recognized team leader and management professional with extensive experience training, developing, and supervising a nationwide staff that consistently achieved sales, customer satisfaction and profitability goals for a global provider of educational services and member of the S&P 500 Index. Robert has held positions in a number of proprietary institutions of higher education. Experience includes accredited graduate and undergraduate degree programs in business and technology that are delivered through campuses, education centers and one of the nation’s largest online education platforms. During his extensive career, Robert was consistently promoted to leadership positions with increased accountability including director/vice president positions in recruitment, admissions, enrollment management and online services. He achieved corporate recognition as Subject Matter Expert for recruiting and operations. In this role, he designed, conducted and facilitated Train the Trainer programs and successfully implemented best practices at the national level regarding operations, policies, procedures, customer service and the consultative sales process. Robert’s experience includes providing leadership and supervision for over 600 managers and advisors, profit & loss accountability, managing budgets in excess of $10 million and implementing marketing plans that fostered strong corporate partnerships and client relationships. Additionally, he served on multiple management committees providing strategic vision and oversight in the areas of operations, sales, program offerings, marketing, faculty performance and student retention. Robert’s accomplishments include managing the largest and most profitable region among DeVry University’s institutions, leading Keller Graduate School of Management to unprecedented nationwide growth in new student recruiting and earning the PRIDE Award, the highest level of recognition at DeVry University. He received the Master of Business Administration from Keller Graduate School of Management and the Bachelor of Arts in History, Political Science and Secondary Education from Monmouth College. He has completed the required courses for the PhD program in Educational Leadership and Human Resource Studies at Colorado State University.

Erin Shelley

Erin has over 10 years of experience in program management, program development, classroom instruction, and disability services and advocacy. She received her undergraduate degree from DePaul University, with a major in Communication Studies, and a minor in English. Erin has two graduate degrees, a M.A. in Adult Education from National-Louis University and a M.S. in Library and Information Sciences from Drexel University. Erin has worked in higher education, nursing education and development, as well as with the American Heart Association. She has taught and facilitated curriculum building and development in many capacities, including English Language programs and literacy initiatives. Since 2003, she has been an active member of the National Association of Developmental Education (NADE) , College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA), National College Learning Center Association (NCLCA), Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD), and the American Library Association (ALA). Erin also has a certificate in English as a Second Language (ESL/ESOL/ELL) Instruction, and a certified American Heart Association Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Instructor since 2001. On a personal note, she is a member of Moms of Multiples and is spirited in raising her boy-girl twins and baby boy.

Peggy Frame

Peggy is an experienced not-for-profit professional with over 17 years of experience building, developing and managing workforce development programs. She excels in her knowledge of adult learning principles and learning styles and has created numerous training and development programs for the adult population. Peggy has the unique ability to analyze community or workforce needs and to create or modify programs to meet those needs. Peggy has been a leader in non-profit organizations for over a decade and understands the challenges organizations face on a daily basis. Her exceptional leadership experience in growing organizations shows through program development, building staff capacity, fundraising, and grant writing. She has been an advocate on a state and national level to educate legislators regarding policy changes that would influence workforce development and education. Peggy is active in the sector as well. She has worked in a leadership capacity with the National Skills Coalition and the Training, Inc. National Association Board. She’s also worked with Indiana Skills2Compete Coalition, Domestic Violence Network, Mayor Ballards’s Re-Entry Task Force, and has volunteered at the Indiana Woman’s Prison Re-Entry program. In short, Peggy is a professional in every sense of the word.

Angelo Sisco

Angelo is an innovator in the health and wellness industry. His understanding of fitness and its impact on health and wellness has been proven through the successful brand O’Hare CrossFit. Since 2007, the sport has grown exponentially, and Sisco has been leading the charge in the Chicago area. In 2010, he opened O’Hare CrossFit with a small space and a handful of equipment. Through pure will and determination, Sisco has grown his original location into a 5,500 square foot facility with 10 highly trained coaches offering CrossFit classes, fitness classes, private training, nutritional consultation, kids classes and more. In 2015, he opened a second location in Harwood Heights and has his sights set on multiple other facilities in the future. Angelo has brought his health, wellness, and fitness programs to the corporate sector through OCF Corporate Fitness. This program is the first of its kind in the industry, and Sisco is on the forefront of revolutionizing how corporate wellness programs are designed. OCF Corporate Fitness is bringing a variety of fitness and wellness methodologies directly to the workplace to provide flexibility for employees and help increase company productivity and morale. Angelo’s certifications include Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, CrossFit Powerlifting, CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Mobility and Movement Course, CrossFit Kettlebell Course, OPT Assessment and Program Design (currently enrolled), Carl Paoli Free Style Seminar, CF Football Trainer, CrossFit Coaches Prep, OPT Life Coaching, Poliquin Dynamic Movement in Sport, FMS Certified (Functional Movement System), SFMA Course (Selective Functional Movement Screen), World Athletics Center Coach Apprenticeship. His ability to understand the variety of needs of his clients has been the keys to Angelo’s success. He is a leader in Chicago’s fitness community and is quickly making a name for himself in the corporate world.

Christine Gormican Hierl

Christine is an accomplished sales management executive specializing in creating an empowered culture, leadership development, team building, succession planning, management development and managing in a multi-location and multi-brand environment. She creates a winning environment where employees thrive and succeed.
She has a proven track record of generating revenue growth and expanding account portfolio through uncompromising focus on customer needs and requirements.
Throughout her over 20 year career, her vision, strategy and operating plan to deliver short and long term goals has been of great value in driving results. Finally, she has spent her career developing human capital for various parts of an organization and is known for her energetic approach and passion for her work while motivating organizational talent to achieve results.

Laura Bristow

Laura Bristow is a senior executive experienced in operations and general management, adept at leveraging data analysis to forward an organizational mission through gains in revenue and receivables, new program development, culture change, and continuous quality improvement. Her operational insights and focus on process have empowered management teams to execute their strategic and tactical plans as a unified, cross-functional system. She is skilled at creating a culture of quality and accountability at all levels of the organization and has transformed low-performing academic and sales teams into steady achievers. She is a published thought-leader on topics including corporate social responsibility, marketing for non-marketers, and service excellence in the proprietary education sector. A champion of innovation to improve student outcomes in higher education — highly transferable skills that can be adapted for customer, client, or employee retention — she has been nationally recognized for successful student retention programs. Her track record also includes crafting and implementing an operational vision that is balanced on profitability, sustainability, and stakeholder values. Her leadership skills have been developed, tested, and proven in an ever-changing macro and corporate environment where resources are few and challenges to her management of a multi-million dollar P&L are many. She earned her undergraduate degree at Oberlin College and her MBA at Northeastern University.

Christopher Torres

Christopher has emerged as a true influencer. For over 20 years he has provided dynamic and creative problem solving to his Consultative Sales and Business Intelligence Acumen. With a resume that includes the successful design of sales strategy components, tactical planning, business intelligence, and leadership experience, Christopher can help leverage market share and drive profitability. His natural entrepreneur spirit and pioneering leadership makes him a natural visionary. A successful Mid-to-Senior Sales Professional, he has an aptitude and in-depth understanding of a sales cycle and exhibits marketing savvy. As a Sales Manager, he has managed to resolve downward sales production for many companies by creatively changing team culture and commissioning new processes.

For years Christopher has used his visionary approach to inspire innovative business solution in combination with his critical thinking skills. Instinctive to provide advancement in Business Intelligence (B.I.) and Project Leadership: including data analytics, strategic planning, negotiations, and risk mitigation; yet understands the application of human effort, building team culture, and applying emotional intelligence to consumer and employee relations. He knows the value of relationship building and is mentor in strengthen finders. As a business coach, his honest and positive energy is inviting and comfortable. He has a reputation for being reliable, trustworthy, and caring. He often is recognized for his hopeful personality and confidence while upholding integrity and work ethic.